By: Admin 05 May 2023

Which ad platform is right for a small business Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Choosing the right ad platform does not have to be a daunting task for a new business owner. If you want to take the challenge out, hire a performance marketing agency, which can help you

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

What are the top 10 mistakes while hiring a digital marketing agency?

As a client, you’re focused on getting value for your money. But when it comes to hiring the right professionals, are you making the decision? You might understand your brand and business well.

By: Admin 05 May 2023

Why is Google My Business important for a new business?

5 reasons why Google My Business is vital for a business. Whether you're big, or small, old or new: GMB is an important mechanism for customer discovery. 

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

What is performance marketing for a start-up?

In the simplest terms, performance marketing refers to running ads or campaigns which are conversion-focused. We all want a customer to buy our products.

By: Admin 01 Mar 2023

The most recent updates from Google, across their products in Sep-Oct 22

A quick recap of updates from the world of Google Products. While Google provides updates across all of their products such as Chrome, Android, etc. we summarise the ones most useful for advertisers and marketers.

By: Admin 19 May 2023

The Rules of Marketing –regardless of where you advertise.

Digital marketing has several benefits when it comes to measuring impact, benefits, and overall ROI for businesses, compared to traditional marketing. But, despite all these advances, there are some ground rules that have not changed for brands, and communication professionals.

By: Admin 16 Jan 2023

Customer Lifecycle and its 5 stages

Reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty are the five stages of the customer lifetime. Although it resembles the buyer's journey, the customer lifecycle also considers the customer's experience, or what happens to a prospect after they make a purchase.

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

How to calculate ROAS and ROI and common mistakes

When making company decisions, ROAS and ROI are both crucial indicators to take into account. Due to the fact that ROAS only accounts for advertising results, it's crucial to not rely only on it.

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

What is LTV and its importance for new businesses or start ups

As a new company, let’s say you’re in the business of selling cookies with branding for corporations, and companies of a certain size. This was a passion project that grew through word of mouth and now you’re looking to scale your business into the next stage.

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

How to improve your local ranking and presence on Google

The top 10 important indicators and signals to get visibility through Google’s local listings, or Google My Business. With changes to Google My Business almost every quarter, as a business owner you need to keep up with the requirements of the algorithm.

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

What are some alternatives to Google and Facebook Ads?

Before we start this piece, it’s important to note a few things about both Google and Facebook Ads platforms, and why they’re wildly successful compared to other ad platforms.

By: Admin 19 May 2023

How to keep up with Google’s changes for Search?

Google search algorithm keeps changing, as do others. In 2020, Google made 4,500 changes to search. This number includes changes to its ranking system, user interface and more. 

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

Questions to ask your developer, before hiring one.

While it is easy to find a lot of developers who can design and develop websites, it is equally important to ask the right questions beforehand to avoid any disappointments and unexpected surprises. In choosing a developer, you may also want to consider the factors for choosing a backend/platform for your website.

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

How to choose a platform for website development?

Deciding the price point for your website is a tough decision for most businesses. Given that there are budget constraints, and so many platforms to choose from, how does one evaluate the cost of developing a website? 

By: Admin 03 Dec 2022

Why people who guarantee fixed ROAS are lying to you

OK, so you are interested in a successful digital marketing campaign which can be scaled. Of course, you are. Digital advertising can be one of the most efficient ways to grow your business and acquire new customers. But, not every single campaign, or client will succeed. 

By: Admin 30 Dec 2022

10 ways to get 10x leads on your website

How does one ensure that the traffic coming to one’s website is filling out information or signing up and filling out the lead form? At the heart of improving traffic to lead conversion ratio is intuitive design thinking and putting ourselves in the user’s shoes. 

By: Admin 01 Mar 2023

How to use your email signature for digital marketing and lead generation

An email signature is an underrated and overlooked tool when it comes to digital marketing. You are already in someone’s inbox. If your email has been read in its entirety, there’s a likelihood that someone will glance at your signature.

By: Admin 01 Mar 2023

8 Reasons Why SEO is Needed For Start-Ups

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the ranking of a website on search engines like Google. A website is more likely to be viewed by potential clients the higher it ranks.

By: Admin 01 Mar 2023

Hiring a Meta Ads Partner Agency: Common Questions to ask

Hiring a Meta Ads Partner Agency is a big step for businesses, and it is essential to make the right decision. Meta, a Facebook Company, offers businesses a unique opportunity to connect with their target audience and generate leads through Facebook Ads.

By: Admin 06 Mar 2023

Are organic customers better than paid customers in digital marketing?

Choosing to spend your marketing budget on SEO vs paid media might be a difficult question to answer, without examining the merits of each category of customers.

By: Admin 06 Mar 2023

How to find the right digital marketing agency for your start up?

Finding the right digital marketing agency for your startup business can be a challenging and also confusing task. But taking this step is an important aspect of your business journey.

By: Admin 06 Mar 2023

Pros and cons of hiring the best digital marketing agency in India

As an owner of a startup, or a business that is looking to scale, and grow you may find yourself asking if you should hire the biggest, more well-known digital marketing agency in India, or hire someone that’s closer to your scale of operations.

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

Top 10 learnings for education businesses looking to scale in India

Through the course of working with a wide range of education, and ed-tech companies, these are the learnings we have gathered. Often while starting the acquisition journey, brands tend to miss out on key aspects that we have captured below.

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

5 reasons your Facebook ads are getting rejected and how to fix it?

If you have been running ads on Meta for some time now, it’s likely you have come across this problem and simply cannot figure out what the issue is. It can be frustrating and the lack of clear directions can make it seem like an endless void with no clear solutions. 

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram Ads for Conversions: Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices

While it may seem like running social media marketing ads, or paid ads in Instagram is remarkably easy, there are a host of aspects to ensuring that they do in fact deliver the right results for the budgets you apply. Here are 7 things to consider before you start running ads. 

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

When should you run branding campaigns?

In the highly competitive business landscape today, it is crucial for brands to stand out and differentiate themselves from their competitors. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is through branding campaigns.

By: Admin 16 May 2023

Can you fire your marketing team and replace them with AI tools?

As a business owner, it might be tempting to think that many jobs can be redundant due to the growth and evolution of AI, in marketing. Whether it is copywriting, automation for ads, or even developing creatives with text-to-image tools, or text-to-video tools, there are many tools that are evolving each year. 

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

When to Revamp Your Website: 5 Things to Consider

Choosing to revamp your website is a decision that as a business owner you must take on when you have factored a few details into your decision making. We have outlined 5 things which are necessary to think about before you hire a website designer and developer –yes, they’re 2 separate professionals. Don’t confuse a website developer for a designer. 

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

How to change your time zone on your Meta Ads Accounts?

Facebook and Instagram social media marketing ads are now well-known as channels to help achieve business objectives for a brand, irrespective of its size, scale and even location.

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

Why is UX necessary when revamping your website?

UX is an abbreviation for user experience of any product. It refers to how users feel, think, and act when interacting with a website, service, or product. And this is one of the most important aspects to think of when redeveloping a website. 

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

Facebook Ads Agency vs. DIY Ads: Which One Will Give You Better Results?

When it comes to running ads on Facebook, there are two main options available to start up businesses or companies of varying sizes: hiring a Facebook Ads agency or running DIY (Do-It-Yourself) ads. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and it can be tough to decide which option is better for your business.

By: Admin 12 Jun 2023

5 paraphrasing tools to use for SEO

Will AI make copywriting jobs redundant? That’s a common concern that’s been doing the rounds in the months since ChatGPT and many other similar tools have launched. But before we dive in there is a little anecdote on photography. In the 1800s, there was Daguerreotype photography, and while you can investigate it, you will see that photography evolved over the last 150 years.

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

The hidden secret to luxury digital marketing in India.

For any brand that’s operating in the luxury space, typically, finding customers remains challenging. While we can certainly run ads on Google, and Meta, unless we have a wealth of first party data available, it’s difficult to find real users.?

By: Admin 11 Jul 2023

What Does a Performance Marketing Agency Do for Your Business?

Are you a new business owner looking to expand your reach and attract more customers? Or perhaps you're just unfamiliar with digital marketing and the various services that can help grow your business. Either way, a performance marketing agency could be just what you need.

By: Admin 14 Jul 2023

7 reasons you need site analytics on your website for D2C business

With 75% of businesses using analytics to drive success, it's crucial to stay ahead of the competition. Analytics helps measure website traffic, user behaviour, conversions and provides valuable insights to optimise your online strategy. Don't miss out on this essential tool for growth.

By: Admin 01 Sep 2023

What are the pros and cons of using AI tools for content writing tools?

In today's digital age, content writing has become an integral part of online businesses and marketing strategies. With the advancement of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way into various industries, including content creation.

By: Admin 18 Sep 2023

Google Ads vs Google Shopping Ads: Understanding the Key Differences

Google Ads and Google Shopping ads can be confusing to a user who hasn’t run Google Ad products or never used either of the two. Through this blog we focus on the differences, and why you should use them depending on your unique circumstances.

By: Admin 18 Sep 2023

Do Instagram ads really increase your Instagram followers?

When you start running Instagram ads, it’s a common question to wonder if campaigns focused on other than follow, or sign-up will impact the total number of followers to your brand. Apart from boosting ads, and getting followers specifically, Instagram followers can be a byproduct of running ads.

By: Admin 03 Oct 2023

Why great marketing cannot sell a bad product?

In the world of digital marketing, there is a common misconception that great marketing can sell anything. While it is true that effective marketing strategies can certainly persuade people to consider a product or service, they cannot compensate for a product that fails to deliver on its promises. In other words, no matter how persuasive your marketing efforts may be, if your product is subpar, it will eventually be exposed and your reputation will suffer.