Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency

I. Introduction

Google Display and Discovery are types of ad campaigns offered by Alphabet Inc’s Google Division. Although we are a part of the Google platform, these campaigns target audiences through a variety of formats, including display ads, video ads, and native ads, with a difference. 

Google Discover, is a personalized news feed that appears on the Google homepage and in the Google app, and a number of other Google products. The content here is driven by personal recommendations, and is unique based on the user’s content consumption patterns. By using Google Display and Discovery, businesses can expand their reach and drive more website traffic, leads, and sales. The targeting on these types of ads tends to be very specific since it takes into account the intent of users, and serves them ads which are most relevant to the information we’re searching for, watching or consuming. Some of the most common placements for these ads include YouTube Home and Watch Next feeds, Discover, Gmail Promotions and Social sections. 

A Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency has been certified by Google as having the expertise and experience necessary to help businesses maximize their return on investment from these ad campaign types. These agencies have access to specialized tools and resources, as well as ongoing training and support from Google. By working with a Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency, businesses can gain access to advanced targeting, optimization, and remarketing techniques that can help them drive more revenue.

II. The benefits of working with a Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency

One of the biggest benefits of working with a Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency is their expert-level understanding of Google discovery ads. Typically, by its very nature, Google Discovery Ads are unpredictable, as the content served is aimed at being helpful for the end-user. Therefore, by hiring an agency that understands the vagaries of the platform, we are equipped to use data and insights to carefully leverage these campaigns for your business. 

Another benefit of working with a Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency is the high-quality conversion campaigns we can create for you. By constantly employing some of the most robust best practices in ads management such as audience targeting, developing a funnel of users, A/B testing, ad placement optimization, bid optimization, landing page optimization, attribution modeling, manual and automated bid strategies, an agency with this understanding has all the tools and know-how necessary to drive conversions. While these tools can be available to many agencies, it’s also a question of understanding each business’s unique requirements, limitations and capabilities to drive the best possible outcomes. 

Such agencies use third-party tools to enhance the performance of your campaigns. They have access to exclusive tools and resources such as the Google Ads API, Google Ads Scripts, Google Ads Editor, Google Ads Innovations, Google Analytics Integration, Google Marketing Platform, Google Partner Academy, and more.

Finally, you can receive dedicated account management and support, which ensures that you have a dedicated team of experts working on your campaigns which are being monitored constantly, but also being optimized based on the requirements of the business. Some of the account management experience can include reporting, analytics and creative management. 

III. P.Labs' Unique Approach as a Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency

P.Labs, as a Google Display and Discovery Partner and Services Agency, takes a unified approach to digital marketing. One of the key differentiators is our focus on creative communication. We understand that the message and design of your ads are just as important as the targeting and optimization. We work closely with clients to create visually appealing and compelling ads that not only work to drive home your USP but equally work for conversions too. Typically, most conversion campaigns are treated as a last thought, using only offer based communication. Our approach ensures that regardless of the funnel stage, the communication is relevant, and staged to address audience intent. 

Data signals. While developing high quality creatives is key; ensuring that each ad platform communicates to your back-end servers for data optimisation is an often overlooked aspect of ads management. Whether it’s through testing, or ad operations management, our team is always looking for friction points in the buyer’s journey which may lead to data leaks.

P.Labs optimizes the conversion journey by testing to identify and remove any roadblocks that might be leading to hindering conversions. We use our in-house tools and processes to constantly monitor data accuracy, frequency and a host of other signals to optimize campaigns and most importantly, predict whether a campaign will drive the desired results, or not. 

IV. Case study of our customer in the ecommerce industry

One of our clients, in medico-beauty, was struggling to generate leads and convert them into paying customers through their website. After working with P.Labs, we were able to increase their website leads by 40% and their conversion rate by 25% in 90 days. We deployed our in-house tool to investigate the issues which were preventing the site from generating appointments for the business. 

"Working with P.Labs has been a game-changer for our business. The team not only pointed out issues in our website, and helped with fixing them but also ensured we were targeting users who were truly interested in getting treatments. Previously we were using other platforms which were not very well-suited for our business. But instead of pushing us to just run ads, they first audited our entire site, and then suggested running these ads, which helped us."