Facebook Ads Partner and Services

A Facebook Ads Partner Agency is a company that works with Facebook to help businesses create and manage their advertising campaigns on the social media platform. They use their expertise and knowledge of Meta’s advertising tools to create ads that reach the right audiences, generate leads and/or drive sales. These agencies are trained and certified by Facebook to provide high-quality service and support to their clients. Depending on the agency’s focus, they may work with small scale companies and help them grow, or work with larger clients. Whether a business wants to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, or drive sales, a Facebook Ads Partner Agency can help.

Benefits of working with a verified Facebook Ads Partner Agency 

Support in ads management and optimization - The Facebook Ads Partner program offers assistance and direction in developing, launching, and optimising ad campaigns to aid businesses in achieving their marketing objectives. The agency's committed team is outfitted with the most up-to-date resources, platform tools and expertise to lead successful campaigns and maximise your advertising budget. This ensures that businessowners can focus on their roles, while the advertising is handled by professionals. 

Creative reviews - The worst thing to happen to an ad campaign is for people to ignore it. Facebook Ads Partners Agency works with your business to develop captivating images, and videos edit already-existing creative assets, or both. By getting updated guidelines and best practices on creative development from Meta directly, your creatives will be efficient, and unique. 

Operational efficiency - With a team that’s focused on ad optimisations and reporting daily, with the right SOP, there’s no reason your acquisitions campaigns aren’t profitable.  

Market insights: A Meta Partner Agency will also have access to market insights across the globe, or even request specific information to help you plan your campaigns better. Whether it’s launching in a new market, new vertical or product, all they have to do is ask.

Training for the teams on a regular basis - By virtue of being a Meta Partner Marketing agency, the teams running ads receive regular training, and updates on best practices. Additionally, by understanding the different strategies, and algorithm updates, alongside targeting possibilities, a trained team is adept at adapting to constant ad platform algorithmic changes. As a result, they are able to stay on top of the competition and provide their clients the most recent tactics. 

First access to new product features - Platforms for social media are continually being updated and changed to satisfy user expectations. The most recent updates to ad networks frequently include new features like sophisticated audience targeting, conversion improvements, and ad placements that can enhance campaign capabilities. They allow partners to test out these features before making them available to the general audience. That implies that your company will benefit from these new features before your rivals. 

 What PLV does differently as a Facebook Ads Partner agency? 

PLV, as a Facebook or Meta Ads Marketing Partner agency uses a mix of tools to evaluate the campaign performance, and is constantly looking at a variety of signals within the business, and on the ad platform to optimise campaigns. Right from the creative, pixel management, and audience building to business analysis of cohorts –we do it all to ensure we avoid leakages and get the max ROAS and ROI for your campaigns. We leave nothing to automation, and rely on data to point us in the right direction. 

5. Case Study Based on Cost-Per-Lead (CPL):

Title: How P.Labs helped this education company reduce its CPL by 55% and improve CR

The client is a well-known education company, providing undergraduate and graduate programs for students and professionals. When we started running the campaign, we found that the leads were expensive and about 400-500 Rs, with no specific improvement in the conversion rate. 

We used the same set of creatives as provided by the client but tweaked our audiences to ensure our targeting was more refined, and focused. We also tapped into the intent and life stages of audiences to segment them into graduate aspirants versus undergraduate aspirants using a variety of parameters such as age, lifestage, staying away from family, and so on. In about 2 weeks, the CPL dropped by over 50%. We not only dropped the CPL but also were able to improve the conversion rate, also. We segmented the ads and creatives to bifurcate audiences based on intent signals leading to a sharper and higher quality funnel. 

Common questions while hiring Meta Ads Partner Agency

Common questions you may have while hiring an agency.

Do Facebook ads require a minimum spending cap?

No, there is no minimum required to spend on Meta. However, most businesses should anticipate spending between $5 and $50 per day on their Facebook Ads campaigns on average, depending on the objectives they’re trying to achieve. 

Can Facebook be used to generate leads for your website?

Yes, Facebook may help you generate leads for your website. All we need to do is set up the right targeting, tracking and CRM system or set up to receive the leads if we’re not running automated lead ads. 

Which platform, Facebook or Instagram, is better?

Facebook and Instagram are both well-known social media sites that may be used to connect with your target market and generate leads for your website. Facebook might be a better choice if you're trying to reach an older, more diversified audience, but Instagram might be a better choice if you're trying to reach a younger, more visually-focused audience. Which platform is ideal for your particular needs can be determined with the aid of a reliable Meta Ads Partner Agency.

How to choose a Facebook Ads Partner Agency? 

In this cutthroat industry, there are many firms that have joined with Meta. One must exercise caution when deciding to work with a Facebook Ads Partnered Agency because not all of them are able to generate the kind of leads and sales you need for your company. Look at the following considerations before deciding to join forces with an agency:

The company's size, services provided, and location should all be taken into account while searching for a Facebook Ads Agency.

The firm should be able to offer the services required to aid in the expansion of the business, such as web design and development, online marketing, and e-commerce solutions.

To better understand the demands of their clients, businesses should seek out Facebook Marketing Companies that are situated in or close to their target markets.

What is the minimum budget required to spend on Facebook Ads? 

The minimal spending amount for Facebook ads will rely on your particular objectives and target market, as was already discussed. Most businesses should anticipate spending between $5 and $50 per day on their Facebook Ads campaigns on average. Compared to other forms of advertising, this one is quite inexpensive and a wonderful method to immediately reach a wide audience.

My ads have stopped working on Facebook. Can you help me? 

Your ads may stop working for a number of reasons. It could be because your creatives are fatigued. It could be that your website is not passing the relevant information or signals back to Meta’s servers, or your category has become suddenly saturated and therefore getting conversions is tougher. We can definitely help you by auditing your Facebook ads manager, and see what are the possible solutions.