Instagram Marketing Agency

What is an Instagram Marketing Agency?

The term "Instagram Marketing Agency'' refers to a company that focuses on developing and implementing marketing strategies for companies using Instagram. Also known as Instagram marketing agencies, they employ a variety of tools, and tactics to produce ads that speak directly to a target market and result in leads, sales, and conversions. Instagram marketing companies have the competence to use the platform's different targeting possibilities and ad formats to their clients' advantage because they are familiar with them.

Is it different from a Meta or Facebook Marketing Agency?

Yes, an Instagram marketing agency differs from a Meta or Facebook marketing agency. Although they are both owned by the same parent corporation, Facebook and Instagram are separate platforms with different user demographics and behaviours. As a result, the same strategies that work for Facebook may not work on Instagram. An Instagram specialist agency is trained to understand the platform's distinct features and restrictions  and leverage them well. A Facebook Marketing Agency, on the other hand, specialises in advertising on the Facebook platform, which has a different target audience and ad format choices.

To make sure you are getting the finest service for your business when selecting an Instagram marketing agency, it is crucial to take into account a number of variables. 

Instagram advertising expertise: The firm should be well-versed in the different ad formats and targeting possibilities offered on the site, and it should have a history of producing profitable campaigns.

Ad creative: The agency needs to have a creative team that can produce eye-catching ads that stand out on the platform. Or if you prefer to do them yourself, provide the right guidance and guidelines for creative production. 

Analytics and reporting: The agency must have a strong analytics and reporting system that offers in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your campaigns and the ROI produced. While Meta does offer some insights; mining them is necessary to understand what needs optimisation to improve results. 

Cost: Make sure you are getting a fair price for the services provided by the agency and that the cost aligns with your budget.

The P.Labs agency difference in running Instagram ads

At P.Labs, we are an experienced Instagram Marketing Agency dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients. Our team of experts has a robust understanding of the platform, its ever evolving various ad formats,  targeting and placement options. We work closely with our clients to create bespoke advertising campaigns.

When it comes to executing profitable Instagram ads, we recognise the value of creative application. To produce captivating ads that stand out on the platform and provide results, our creative team uses a suite of tools including heat mapping tools, prediction tools to analyse what colours will work or not work, and CTR measurement tools to predict in advance the performance before we even launch the ads.

Case Study for Instagram ads 

A chain of schools wanted higher enrolments for their school year. We chose Instagram to reach out to the mothers, and used a variety of creative permutations and combinations to deliver ads at a specific time. We also used video placements extensively with testimonials, and ensured we used all the placements possible with the right targeting. 

Within the first month of the campaign, the lead volume increased, as was expected. But the main objective was to set up appointments for school visits. We improved the appointments ratio by 20% as a consequence of the targeted advertising campaign. With efficient time-parting, and quick follow ups, the team was able to get a 30% lower CAC in admissions. 

Whether you are looking to reach a larger audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads and sales on Instagram, an Instagram Marketing Agency like us can help you. Contact us: