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5 reasons your Facebook ads are getting rejected and how to fix it?

If you have been running ads on Meta for some time now, it’s likely you have come across this problem and simply cannot figure out what the issue is. It can be frustrating and the lack of clear directions can make it seem like an endless void with no clear solutions. 

1. Violation of Facebook's Advertising Policies:

This can be particularly tricky to figure out if you’re new to running ads on the platform. Common reasons for policy violations include using inappropriate language or imagery, making false claims, promoting illegal or unsafe products or services, or promoting discriminatory content. The policy page on Meta provides the different types of policies that have been framed. When your ad is rejected, you will of course see a notification explaining which particular policy it violates. The simplest way to resolve it is to address the issue, and fix the error causing the violation. 

2. Inaccurate or Misleading Information:

    As with advertising standards in real life, the claims made in the ads need to hold true and they cannot be misleading. For example, you cannot claim that someone will lose weight within x days, or make y amount of money if they use your product or services. Claims that are being made must be supported with evidence or and should not be an exaggeration. While the second part might seem a bit arbitrary, the simple rule of thumb to follow is: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. It might be helpful to have a few unbiased people review your claims. To fix this issue, ensure that the ad, copy and creative accurately represent your product or service but most importantly that all claims are supported by evidence.

    3. Poor Ad Quality:

    If your ad has low-quality images, text, or design, it may be rejected. Often, if the ad content is also seemingly distressing to someone, it might get reported. This could be instances of fundraising, or a topic that might be deemed too sensitive such as health and wellness, weight loss, or other equally objectionable topics. To fix it, at a basic level, use high-quality images and design elements, and ensure that your ad copy is well-written and engaging. If possible, get a second set of  eyes or an opinion on how something might be perceived. If you happen to be in a category that’s likely to get flagged because your service revolves around health and wellness, it might be important to consider getting special permissions from Meta. Talk to us so we can help you! 

    4. Targeting Inappropriate Audiences:

    Targeting people based on certain parameters is not permissible on Meta. More so in case of employment, credit, and housing, Meta allows no discrimination for these categories. Certain ad categories also require Special Category application wherein the Advertiser’s actual credentials, government ID is verified, and only then are some advertisers allowed to run ads. The limitations on targeting are based on parameters using personal characteristics such as race, religion, or sexual orientation. To fix this issue, review your targeting options and ensure that they do not violate Facebook's advertising policies. Again, this might be an area for some confusion since you might be targeting certain customers based on their age, or certain characteristics you believe are relevant for your product or service, while Meta might deem it as discriminatory. Proceed with caution. 

    5. Non-Compliance with Legal Requirements:

    If your ad does not comply with legal requirements, it may be rejected. This includes advertising certain products or services without the required legal disclaimers or targeting minors with certain types of content. To fix this issue, ensure that your ad complies with all applicable laws and regulations. There are many categories of ads which aren’t allowed to run without special permissions from Meta, or in some instances the government certifications, also. 

    Overall, to avoid having your Facebook ads rejected, it's important to review Meta's advertising policies, ensure that your ad accurately represents your product or service, use high-quality design and imagery, target appropriate audiences, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you need help and support, feel free to connect with us, and we can help you resolve your issues.