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Questions to ask your developer, before hiring one.

While it is easy to find a lot of developers who can design and develop websites, it is equally important to ask the right questions beforehand to avoid any disappointments and unexpected surprises. In choosing a developer, you may also want to consider the factors for choosing a backend/platform for your website. There are many developers who specialize in certain types of backend such as WordPress, Wix, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc. 

  1. How will you plan to audit the website requirements from a technical perspective

  2. How long will you take to develop the website, and test it before deploying 

  3. How will we resolve any issues that come up post the website going live

  4. What implications will the platform have on the speed of the website? Bear in mind that that different platforms come with their own pros and cons

  5. If you run a content heavy website such as updating images, and videos frequently, what Content Management System [CMS] would they recommend 

  6. How would the management of the Content Management System [CMS ] work 

  7. Will they assist with any post deployment work, if you are not signing an annual maintenance contract with them? And if yes, are there any likely charges? 

  8. What recommendations would they make when it comes to the website maintenance. Remember, there is no one size fits all solution, and each company has varied resources, and would need different support ?

  9. If you choose a custom website, what are the pros and cons versus choosing a ready-made template based website as per them. Typically, each platform comes with its own set of challenges and solutions? 

  10. How long will it take for your website traffic to come back to normal, after the deployment? 

Using this 10-point guide will help you understand how your prospective developer is thinking about your site is development, maintenance and the level of working relationship you are likely to have after the site is developed. Remember, ideally, you want someone who advises you on what works best for your business. While it is important to ensure you have website maintenance being done regularly, be aware of the costs, and implications of hiring someone to do so versus choosing to do it yourself, internally. Oftentimes, developers will suggest using typical platforms instead of a custom-build because it is easy to use, cheaper, and quick. But, it may not be the best solution for your business needs.