Google Ads Partner and Services Agency

I. Introduction

Google Ads is one of the most powerful advertising platforms in the ad-tech industry that allows businesses to reach different audiences. 

What makes Google Ads different from other ad platforms is the number of platforms, and campaign types one can run based on different objectives. For example, through one single interface one can run banner, and video ads which can be served on sites, in-apps, Youtube, Google Search partners which essentially covers over 70% of the web traffic outside of social media platforms. 

What makes Google Ads even more unique is that depending on the stage of your business, a qualified Google Ads Partner Agency can deploy ads on these platforms in sequential order to ensure that a customer who is cold can be converted through the whole process, till the stage of conversion.

A Google Ads Partner and Services Agency will specialize in being able to deploy all of these tools, use the insights provided by Google, in addition to writing custom pieces of script that the Google ads manager can accept to showcase hidden insights. For example, a certified agency will work out the appropriate times for running ads, projected costs over a period of time, changing budget requirements and so on. 

Through experience, a Google Ads Partner agency will also be able to locate the best and most useful audiences for your business if you don’t currently have your own audience data. By ensuring we research all the aspects of audience behaviors, be it demographic, lifestage, consumption behaviors and signals, P.Labs quickly arrives at optimal audience creation and deployment.  

II. The benefits of working with a Google Ads Partner and Services Agency

Agencies have experience working with a wide range of businesses and industries, which allows them to bring best practices and proven strategies to each new campaign. These practices will save you time, and money when it comes to setting up campaigns, optimizing creatives and most importantly anticipating different challenges when it comes to running Google Ads campaigns. For example, tracking is one of the most important aspects of running a successful conversion campaign. However, it’s also where most companies tend to err. One of the most common errors we notice is client’s using the same type of creative adaptations from other platforms; however did you know some of the highest CTRs come from creatives which don’t convert, and typically are erroneous clicks. We simplify the creative generation process by focusing on high priority placements. 

Right from developing custom solutions and APIs to ensure your data is being optimized, to deriving custom funnel points for your campaigns and audience development –a Google Ads Partner Agency can do it all. Using their learnings from similar industries, and campaigns, the teams at P.Labs are set up to preemptively avoid typical challenges with ads. 

A seasoned agency will also have access to industry secrets on new products, and tech-knowhow to ensure that you don’t waste your precious marketing dollars on experiments that are still being tested. 

Experience in integrating with third-party tools such as MMPs, preparing for the steps, and even consulting on the best events to track instead of the system suggested ones is where an experienced Google Ads Partner Agency will add more value. In addition, you can also expect recommendations on CRM systems, and various other tools to help optimize your campaign management. 

III. Differentiating factor: what makes P.Labs different as Google Ads Partner and Services Agency

While Google Ads Partner agencies work with Google teams in a number of ways, the final focus is always on ensuring the best outcomes for our clients. As a result, our teams are constantly testing out optimisation strategies which work, across campaign and product types. Whether it’s managing bids, writing custom scripts to check predicted CPA, spend pattern analysis and other insider skills – we are always learning. 

Revenue maximization through constant optimization is one of the ways that P.Labs differs as a Google Ads Partner and Services Agency. 

By relying not only on the ads platform but also looking at customer insights, heat mapping and using a cross-section of tools for optimisation, we ensure that we drive the best results for our clients. 

Relying on data analysis, and the creation of data signals is another way that P.Labs differs as a Google Ads Partner and Services Agency. We use data analysis to create signals that guide our optimization and targeting decisions. This can help businesses to gain a more complete understanding of their customers and to improve the performance of their campaigns.

Creative expertise using custom tools to track efficiency of creatives is what allows P.Labs to provide a differentiated outcome for our clients. Our custom tools allow us to optimize creatives before we launch them so are able to quickly test creatives. Our team of experienced creative professionals can create high-impact ad copy and design that drives results. Our approach is always to ensure that campaigns must deliver results and KPIs should be set up beforehand to ensure we’re always working towards a clear, and common goal.

IV.  Case study for our client launching a new app, and wanting to run in-app optimisations

An ed-tech client wanted to get installs and in-app events for both Android and Apple devices. While typically we would recommend running Apple Search campaigns for iOS, because the client was looking to scale, we were working with smaller budgets. As a result, we set up the integration for the client using an MMP, defined the events and helped the client set up the custom events in their app SDK. By enabling this, we were able to monitor and track the performance of the install and custom in-app events, and further optimize cost for in-app activities. Over a 70 day period, we scaled the client from 0-50K installs, with 60% in-app activity. We were able to scale the cost per activation down by 65% by optimizing the events we were running ads for, and also segmenting different audiences alongside tweaking creatives as we went along based on the in-app events which were most used by customers. 

Work with us to drive results which are based on the most updated methodologies and practices for ads management.