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Why is Google My Business important for a new business?

If you have to choose a few channels to focus on, to grow your business offline, Google My Business [GMB] would be among the top, over social media platforms too. Read on to find out why.

5 reasons why Google My Business is vital for a business. 

Whether you're big, or small, old or new: GMB is an important mechanism for customer discovery for all businesses. You should prioritize this channel since you don’t need to worry about changing algorithms, or perfect content. Think of it as a digital window to your business for customers passing by.

  1. It gives your business a digital identity apart from a website. By adding cues such as photos, videos, contact information, types of services, and other pieces of information, you’re able to quickly inform your potential customers about what you sell, or offer 

  2. Attract local customers by adding information and areas you serve. People typically look for services around them, or close to them. If you indicate the areas in which you provide a service it makes it that much easier for people to find you 

  3. Updating your offers for the business signals that you’re an active business, which is engaging with prospects. By regularly updating the Google posts, and inviting reviews from your actual customers, you’re able to build trust with new customers, and also Google’s Search Engine itself 

  4. Provide the most updated information to users without them having to look for you: By updating your hours, contact information or any changes to your operations, people are quickly informed without them having to hunt for your brand. This reduces the points of friction in them accessing vital news 

  5. Set up appointments easily without the complication of landing pages, website and other digital requirements. Google My Business truly brings you closer to your customers quickly by providing them with the most relevant information, that’s contained in Business Profile.

Bonus tip: Once you’re able to verify your business, you can add keywords to your business to ensure it shows up for the most relevant types of searches in the locality, for services you offer.