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How to keep up with Google’s changes for Search?

Google search algorithm keeps changing, as do others. In 2020, Google made 4,500 changes to search. This number includes changes to its ranking system, user interface and more. 

Typically Google algorithm updates can be classified into 3 broad categories: 

How to keep track of such updates? 

  • Sign up for Google Search Blog updates via email. 

  • Sign up for a newsletter with Search Engine Land to keep abreast of all types of search 

That said: it is important to understand how Google Search works.

At the heart of the approach, Google’s fundamental need from websites is to share most valuable information to users, as soon as possible. Those results need to be reliable, and relevant.  

The second important consideration for Google is to organise the world information and make it universally accessible and useful. Therefore, using various methods to make this information accessible is key. What tools can help accomplish this? 

As of 2022, some of the most important tools to accomplish this are: 

  • Schema MarkUp to organise the website structure 

  • Ensuring all the tags such as Title, Meta Tags, Meta Descriptions, URL structures, and anchor text is important 

  • Generating content with the right information based on the website’s categorisation is important; each website goal should be to share information with users based on the information that is relevant to their business, and industry, to establish authority and provide value to the browser 

The third consideration is that information should be accessible in a useful way. This includes making images, videos, text from websites, news, reviews, and other information in a meaningful way to help a user navigate the information overload. 

Therefore, to make a website successful, there are multiple aspects that need to be considered, on a regular basis. Talk to us today to address your organic website traffic.