Mobile App Marketing Agency

What is a mobile app marketing agency?

A mobile app marketing agency is one that focuses on assisting companies with their app marketing efforts. Mobile app marketing involves designing marketing campaigns that effectively communicate with your users throughout the entire customer journey, starting from the moment they download your app and continuing until they become loyal brand advocates who make multiple in-app purchases.

How is it different from a typical digital marketing agency?

A typical digital marketing company offers a broad range of marketing services through many digital platforms, including social media, search engines, and display advertising. A mobile app marketing company focuses on promoting mobile apps and employs particular methods, and tools to do so.

Understand how app installs and tracking works

We at P.Labs are familiar with how tracking and app installs operate. We can assist you in choosing the appropriate events for your app install campaigns and in precisely tracking the outcomes. This is usually done using an MMP, or mobile measurement platform. An MMP is a tool that helps you to track app installs, in-app events, and user engagement. Adjust, Kochava, Branch, and Appsflyer are just a few examples of the numerous MMPs that must be set up and configured. We advise and guide clients on which MMP would be suited to their goals, aside from recommending goals for tracking. 

Able to advise on creating the right events to set up your app install campaigns

At P.Labs, we are able to advise you on creating the right events to set up your app install campaigns. Events are actions that users take within your app, such as making a purchase or completing a level. By setting up events, you can track the user’s journey within your app and optimize your campaigns accordingly. We help you to identify the most important events to track and create campaigns around them to achieve your goals.

Guide you to choose the right Mobile Measurement Platform for your business

Choosing the right Mobile Measurement Platform (MMP) is critical for tracking the success of your mobile app marketing campaigns. At P.Labs, we guide you to choose the right MMP for your business. We help you to select the right MMP that aligns with your business needs and goals.

Help with integration of ad platforms, MMPs, and ads

The integration of ad platforms, MMPs, and advertisements is something we assist you with to ensure the dependency on the tech team is lower. This allows you to easily run campaigns and use a single SDK to track ads across platforms like Facebook, Google, and Twitter and other third party channels. Our recommendations are in the form of code improvements, implementation of the SDK and experience based suggestions on errors to watch out for which save crucial time in setting up the MMP and get you up and running for ads. 

P.Labs difference in app campaigns: 

Choosing ad platforms and suppliers based on your business needs 

We select advertising channels and vendors in line with the demands and objectives of your company. The idea is to ensure you’re able to work with platforms that enable scale on app installs, and in-app events. 

Choose from a wide range of ad platforms which are outside of social media platforms through our networks 

Our ability to reach a larger audience is made possible by the variety of ad platforms we partner with that are not social media sites. We have access to a wide range of ad outlets outside of social media thanks to our sizable network.

Scale from 0 to millions of users 

From 0 to millions of users, our team of experts can scale your app. Having worked with numerous app campaigns, we understand the need and challenges of companies scaling from Day 0 to millions of users. For each phase, the requirements change, and we help clients adjust to them.

Rapid testing and deployment of ads to quickly arrive at product updates 

To create new products quickly, we recognise the value of speedy testing and ad deployment. Our team tests and deploys advertisements swiftly, enabling us to make adjustments and improve campaigns' performance. This includes graphics, targeting, and in-app tracking and analytics. 

Case study for a client from the US 

At P.Labs, we have worked with a wide number of clients from various industries and assisted them in achieving their objectives. One such customer is a US-based utility product business that wished to advertise its mobile application to a larger audience. We came up with a specific marketing strategy for them that included display and social media advertising. In order to monitor the campaign's success, we implemented an MMP instead of using Firebase. 

In setting up client specific events on the MMP, and also debugging the set up issues, we were able to ensure that the client was tracking the right parameters which go beyond the basics of download, install, open and registration.  With an early stage start up, understanding what’s working with the app, and how users are engaging is very important. Typically with app campaigns the first few parts of the funnel are easier to manage; however, without understanding which part of the funnel is efficient, most clients will struggle with retention. If we use analytics to examine the user behaviour, we can effect product changes rapidly before the app scales to even higher volumes, with poor retention. Such interventions help shape product performance deeply and ensure better overall business outcomes.