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How to use your email signature for digital marketing and lead generation

An email signature is an underrated and overlooked tool when it comes to digital marketing. 

You are already in someone’s inbox. If your email has been read in its entirety, there’s a likelihood that someone will glance at your signature. Think of it as a branding moment to let your business shine, and an opportunity to tell your story in 3 seconds or less. 

Our 5 point checklist to get you more traffic, leads, or followers from your email, directly. 

  1. Include link:

    Always include a link to your website. But instead of using cliche and direct links, make it a clickable link with an interesting copy or tagline. Provide them a reason, or drive a sense of curiosity so people will be more likely to click on the link. 

  2. Add CTA:

    By adding a CTA, or a line of clickable links which people can visit, you’re also driving more traffic to your website. All of which you can track. If you lead them to a specific page, offer them something in return for their time. It could be a free session, a freebie product, or a guide to an interesting piece of content. 

  3. Make it visually appealing:

    There’s no reason to have a boring signature. Make it colourful, animated, and stand out in the clutter. But most importantly, remember it’s a moment for someone to take notice of your creativity and ideas. 

  4. Track your clicks and traffic:

    By configuring Google Search Console, or Analytics you will be able to work out the source of the traffic on your website. Especially, if you have a dedicated landing page for a lead form or a consult, this allows you to evaluate the exact power of your signature and keep testing it out. 

  5. One clean CTA:

    Choose the one destination you want people to really connect with you. It could be that your website is under construction but you have great content on LinkedIn through which people can engage with you, without feeling pressured into anything. In this case, highlight that one link and get people to take decisive action. 

Though we may underestimate the power of this little piece of digital real estate, remember it’s a 1-1 time to get in front of someone. And therefore, it’s the easiest way to not only drive leads, and followers to your socials, and increase brand awareness, but also anchor your brand in someone’s mind.