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Which ad platform is right for a small business Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

Choosing the right ad platform does not have to be a daunting task for a new business owner. If you want to take the challenge out, hire a performance marketing agency, which can help you arrive at the right roadmap for your business. Run through these points to narrow down your decision making process, when it comes to choosing the right ad platform. 

Google Ads vs Meta Ads for your business:

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to a business. But more so, when it comes to a new business. 

Benefits of running Meta Ads for a new businesses

  • It’s easier to find customers for a new business that are targeted to small areas and regions for new businesses, regardless of whether they’re web based or app based. 

  • Meta’s ad platform allows you to run campaigns for different objectives using a very simple interface. The objectives could be to get leads, which you can do without even designing and creating a landing page, for your website. All you need to do is create a form on Facebook Ads Manager, and you can download the leads, or integrate with a CRM tool of your choice, or an excel sheet, too! 

  • Experiment with images quickly through the use of Meta’s creative studio and edit images on the go 

  • Run different types of campaigns from lead gen to app install campaigns very easily 

  • Since Meta is integrated with WhatsApp, you can easily get customers to quickly reach you using WhatsApp for Business app, or WhatsApp for business API

Benefits of running Google Ads for new businesses

  • Find customers at scale, quickly with the Performance Max features now. By choosing specific placements, and objectives, your CPA can drop by as much as 30-50% 

  • Gain visibility through your ads across channels such as Youtube, and Display Ads, and help boost brand awareness and search results for your business

  • If your website is optimized with the right kind of keywords, you can help your organic SEO and overall cost of acquisition dramatically 

  • Find relevant customers with in-market, or in-region audiences and avoid “ad wastage” from users who’re casually interested, thereby qualifying your users 

  • Get direct calls from users to your business with site extensions 

  • Target users who use languages other than English, with language based keywords, and ads; you don’t have to run English language ads only for your business 

  • Hyperlocal targeting for businesses becomes easier if you’re running Local Ads for the services you offer and allowing to target customers in your vicinity