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The most recent updates from Google, across their products in Sep-Oct 22

  1. Find menu items for food on Google My business. 

New Search updates can help you look for specific menu items — and even find out what makes a restaurant special. An upgrade to their announcement in Apr’2022 of muti-search, with this new upgrade one can take a look at the place, get a feel for the vibe and search with an image of food. 

Implication: Google My Business becomes very important for food businesses. 

  1. Site names are now on mobile feed: Instead of previously seeing descriptions, and title tags on the website, Google Search’s new update will help viewers see the name of the website instead. The move is being done for a few reasons: 

    1. Make it easier to identify ads: By labelling ads, and featuring them on the top-left corner of Search ads, the aim is to help users distinguish between organic and paid content.

    2. Available on mobile currently: The roll out is meant to hit mobile first, and will be seen across desktop gradually.

    3. Increasing the size of favicons: There’s a smaller number of websites using the favicon but this is another branding moment for companies and brands. 

    4. Sponsored ads for search results: We’re already accustomed to seeing “Sponsored Ads” in our Facebook feeds, and Instagram feeds. Google is adding this to its arsenal of markers to make user experience better, clear and identify search results clearly. Now ads show on mobile search results,will be labeled with the word “Sponsored” in bold black text. 

Implication: Search becomes a mix of organic and paid. Use the favicon as a branding moment for your business, and ensure you’re leveraging all types of traffic coming to your site. 

  1. Bye-bye to targeting Microsoft Windows Phone OS users: The small percent of  users who are currently using Windows Phones will soon no longer be targeted on Google Ads as per an announcement on 24th Oct’22. 

Implication: If you were targeting Windows phone users, we will need to consider other avenues such as BING to reach these users. 

  1. Expanded Mobile Ads as a feature: Google will now allow ads to be expanded in scrollable content on various advertiser websites. Similar to Canvas ads by Facebook, this feature allows advertisers access to banner ads of different sizes going all the way up to a full screen on mobile. 

Implication: Advertisers will have the option of investing in richer banner content allowing for more immersive advertising experience. It’s a golden opportunity to tell short stories, in compelling environments. [add reference gif from the Google blog; credit them]

  1. Youtube Masthead now available for gambling ads: As per the new policy, the Youtube Masthead, previously inaccessible for real money gambling advertisers, is now available. However the advertiser must comply with the advertising requirements, and verification processes applicable for each country based on the guidelines, and application criteria required by Google. Want to know more? Contact us

Implication: Only for gambling clients, it’s a never-before opportunity for advertisers to use the most commonly used video streaming platform in the world.