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The Rules of Marketing –regardless of where you advertise.

Digital marketing has several benefits when it comes to measuring impact, benefits, and overall ROI for businesses, compared to traditional marketing. But, despite all these advances, there are some ground rules that have not changed for brands, and communication professionals. Below are 5 points to remember, regardless of your business stage. They’re deceptively simple but often forgotten. 

 Know your audience or potential audience: While it’s easier to identify whom we think we’d want as customers, often there’s a gap between what we want customers to think about us versus what they actually think and want. Most businesses start out with a certain premise or a certain target audience in mind. But it’s equally important as the business continues to evaluate who the real customer is and how different they are compared to the pen portrait you may have in mind.

People only buy from brands they trust: While this is true in large parts, this also depends on the category we’re looking at. Would you transact or open a bank account with a new bank without knowing them? Maybe not. But you might try a new brand of biscuits or bread without much thought. This is called “choice risk” which is pretty low when it comes to food compared to finances. Inculcating trust is an important factor in getting customers to believe the brand –more so when it’s a high-risk decision or something that involves kids, or a reputation.

 Don’t ignore your competition: While it’s common for most management literature to advise focusing on what you’re doing in your own business; it’s important to also be aware of the macro-environment in which a business operates. There are several ways to now track your competitor’s business. Awareness and knowledge are always power. 

Nothing beats world-class services: We might forget a product. But we never forget an experience which defeats the common standard. More so true when brands go above and beyond to ensure they’re resolving customer complaints smoothly. Giving the customer the benefit of doubt is always a long-term play at winning loyalty and word of mouth. 

Stay consistent with your messaging: While it’s tempting to keep launching new campaigns, sticking to your brand’s philosophy or basic promise is something that takes dedication and continued communication over years, and years. While there will be seasonal campaigns and opportunities to be on-trend, or leverage moment marketing, it’s equally important to invest in classic brand-positioning campaigns that iterate your core promise to your customers.