Facebook Marketing Agency

With Meta still cornering a large part of the digital ads space, creating a successful Facebook marketing campaign requires specialized knowledge and skills that not every business owner possesses. A Facebook Marketing Agency specializes in creating and managing marketing campaigns on Facebook. These agencies have expertise in using Facebook's advertising platform to create targeted ads and reach the right audience for their clients. 


How is a Facebook Marketing Agency different? 

Depending on the business objectives you’re looking to achieve, a Facebook Marketing Agency may specialise in the specific industry, or types of ads such as lead-based ads, app-based ads, and so on. P.Labs is an established Facebook Marketing Agency that has been running campaigns for the last 5 years, since its very inception. 

Due to our experience of working with a wide variety of clients across the entire conversion funnel journey, the teams at P.Labs are well-versed at not only running campaigns for the top of the funnel, such as brand awareness campaigns, consideration ones but we specialise in conversion campaigns or bottom of the funnel campaigns. 

Why hire a Facebook Marketing Agency specialist?

Hiring a Facebook marketing agency can benefit your business in a number of ways.  

First and foremost, it saves you time and resources. Instead of spending hours creating and managing Facebook ads yourself, you can outsource this task to a team of experts who can do it faster and more efficiently.

Secondly, a Facebook marketing agency has the knowledge and expertise to create campaigns that are tailored to your business's specific needs and goals. They can also provide valuable insights and analytics to help you optimize your campaigns and get the best return on investment.

Third, an agency that specializes in this business also knows what to expect, and what are the common challenges when it comes to advertising for businesses, and can preemptively resolve them. This could pertain to areas around not having the right tracking, analytics, technical issues which are impacting your conversions, or even something as simple but key as having the right creatives for the campaigns you’re running. 

Fourth,  get the benefit of the experience of working with teams that have run campaigns worth several thousand dollars for your own ads. Know what mistakes to avoid early on, and what are must-haves for your ads to work and convert. With trained experts who also carry certifications, you know your campaign is in safe hands and doesn’t risk overspending, or poor management that can happen when you work with freelancers, those who lack enough ads management years or don’t understand the evolutionary nature of the platform.

How to choose one for your business?

Choosing the right Facebook marketing agency can make a big difference in the success of your marketing campaigns. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a Facebook marketing agency:

a. Experience and Expertise -

At P.Labs we have half a decade of experience in running campaigns for clients with budgets ranging from 1000$ to 100,000$/month. This includes web-based products and services and app-based services, too. As a result, we understand the many challenges of building a brand from an early stage to scaling and how the campaign management practices change for each of them. 

We have worked with clients across gaming, fintech, ed-tech, education, and a host of DTC brands in the apparel, skincare, haircare, and cosmetics industries. 

b. Services We offer as a Facebook Marketing Agency -

Typically, campaign management is only looked at as the idea of setting up ads. But when you work with P.Labs we address all parts of the campaign planning process, which includes: researching the audiences, competitive analysis, offer benchmarking, site audit to ensure your conversions are tracking correctly, and much more. Our approach to campaign management and reporting is not just limited to the basics but extends with a design-thinking approach of putting ourselves in the consumer’s shoes. We constantly optimise campaigns, keep you updated via reports, and keep testing to ensure all the parts of the system are working. 

c. Communication and Collaboration -

We’re prompt with our communication and will always lead with the bad news first if there’s to share. We take full responsibility and accountability, as you will learn in your experience with us, and by listening to what other business owners say, too. We work as an extended marketing team, looking to always advise you on what’s needed for your business to grow and succeed instead of being focused inwards. We believe we only grow with you. We’re deeply invested in your success because it means our success too. 

d. Pricing and Contracts -

Some agencies charge a flat fee or a monthly retainer, while others charge a percentage of your ad spend. We operate on both models, depending on the scope of work and the budgets at play.

Case Studies

Reach out to us to get a specific case study, relevant to your industry, or similar insights. We have grown revenue for clients from 0 to 3x, helped drop CPA by over 65% in many cases, and even built the entire marketing funnel from scratch for many e-commerce businesses. But, we never guarantee results because no 2 businesses are the same. As a result, the outcomes each business gets to see are also different. 

Come talk to us! 

Whether you have just received your new round of funding or you have been in the market for a while, come chat with our teams. We will provide you with the right guidance on whether Facebook Marketing ads are even right for you based on your business model. Often, we help clients see why certain ad platforms won’t work given their acquisition costs, and the cost of products. Because our ethos is centered around doing good business. Come, set up a call.