Paid Campaign Manager – Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads

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3+ Years

Job Description

  • Executing marketing campaigns through Facebook ads platforms for e-commerce clients and deliver high ROAS
  • Optimizing the channel to deliver the best ROI while ensuring targets are met.
  • Ensure process improvements pro-actively and improve operational efficiency
  • Periodic reporting to management on performance of campaigns
  • Gathering insights into campaigns and consumer behavior and implementing the
  • Partner with marketing manager to ensure that different campaigns are being
  • Developing and executing new and innovative strategies for consumer
  • Continuous experiment and run A/B Testing on campaigns, messaging and
    targeting to improve ROI.

Skill sets needed

Manage and optimize campaigns for client delivery

  • Seamless execution of large scale Facebook display campaigns of upto 50L or higher per campaign monthly.
  • Strong analytical background and direct experience in digital marketing
  • Identifying trends in data and adapting based on that
  • Coming up with innovate ways to run paid campaigns
  • Have in-depth knowledge of Facebook ads platform and be a hands-on marketer having large scale campaigns for e-commerce vertical including A/B testing ads.
  • Having a good grasp of English and a thorough understanding of web/app based
    businesses and knowledge of MS Excel.
  • Experience in the same role (3+ years minimum)

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